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Dylan the Dalmation

Dylan had an accident 3.5 years ago whereby he suffered a ruptured disc in his back after chasing a squirrel in the garden. We were told by the vet that he may never walk properly again and if he does, it’s unlikely he will be able to walk off-lead.

Dylan was referred to Sarah for physio. He is an anxious dog, as many Dalmatians are, but it was lovely to see how relaxed he was with Sarah from the outset. Not only is Sarah professional in her approach to her work, but she is also kind and compassionate. We have been given lots of different exercises to work on at home and also whilst out walking with Dylan. He now runs around the forest off-lead and as we can clearly see the benefits of Sarah’s work with Dylan, we made the decision for her to continue to see him regularly on a maintenance basis.

Without a doubt, Sarah’s dedication has helped Dylan to avoid major surgery. She has given him a better quality of life with more flexibility, without the use of long-term painkillers.

I highly recommend Sarah and her team.

Karen Irwin.

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Mango holding his leg up

Mango was 4 months old when he fractured his Right elbow in 3 places whilst running in the garden. He had surgery, a plate & several pins were needed to fix his elbow. Although his elbow was healing well it became apparent that he had significant nerve damage which effected his lower leg & foot. He had held his leg up close to his body so tightly since his surgery he was now unable to move or straighten his elbow & he had no control and very little feeling to his foot. Mango had lost all muscle tone to his shoulder and leg. His surgeon told me to be prepared that Mango may never re gain the full use of his leg & amputation may unfortunately be the long term outcome. 

I was given Sarah’s number by the hydrotherapy centre owner. She described Sarah as a superb physio. I met Sarah, she was warm, empathetic & knowledgeable. She was excellent at explaining the exercises in detail ensuring that I understood what was required. A few days after each session Sarah would FaceTime us to ensure I was doing the exercises correctly, she also would text at various points in between consultations. When I went away for 2 weeks Mango stayed with friends, Sarah did a FaceTime sessions with them to ensure Mangos physio regime was maintained.

We followed Sarah’s physio plan to the letter. We met Sarah every 2 week, as improvements started to happen Sarah would give us different exercises. Sarah is so kind, skilled, professional, extremely thorough & no question was an issue to answer. Had it not been for Sarah, Mango would not have never made the amazing recovery that he has. Mango's surgeon is amazed at the progress he has made and that’s all thanks to Sarah & her healing hands.

We whole heartedly recommend Sarah & would urge anyone with rehabilitation needs to get in touch with her. I must thank you a million times for your incredible care & support. It is worth everything to see Mango running and playing on 4 legs once again.

Carol Rowcliffe    

Tracy Wright
Tracy Wright on her horse
Tracy Wright on her horse - second image

I have been involved in high level Dressage and Coaching for many years. I fully understand that the modern sports horse is an athlete and requires the upmost care and attention. This is where Sarah comes into her own. She has treated both my former Inter 1 horse and now my 8 year old Hanoverian that is currently working at Advanced Medium. She has always understood both horses and their different needs.

Sarah constantly keeps herself updated on any new research and fully explains how to keep my horses at their best with a regime of stretches, specific pole exercises and lateral movements that will work best for them at that time.

She has worked on my horses since 2013 and not only does she treat them she also treats me, giving me the complete package.

Tracy Wright
BHS AI, ABRS ATD, UKCC  Level 2 & 3 Dressage Specific 

Abi Uden and Danny image

Sarah has been working with myself and Rain Dance, ‘Danny’, since 2013 when he was diagnosed with arthritis of his 17th thoracic vertebrae that, along with other saddling and muscular weakness issues, was preventing us from moving up the dressage levels and, as a Pony rider at the time, preventing us from breaking through to the International circuit.

Danny is now competing PSG dressage and training Inter I/II. Sarah has worked quietly, kindly and sympathetically towards Danny throughout his physio journey and under her gentle guidance we have encouraged him to work in the correct way to develop the musculature he needed to support his skeletal weaknesses.

Since then, Sarah has continued to see Danny (and his yard mates) regularly on a maintenance basis and has been excellent at not only providing physio stretching exercises to practice in-between sessions, but also pole work and in-hand exercises to aid his development, changing things as necessary as he has moved up the levels and more is required of him. Sarah is an integral part of our team who is always on the end of the phone to offer immediate advice as well as making time for Danny when he needs to be seen quickly.

Danny and I are very lucky to have Sarah work with us and we wouldn’t be where we are today without her expert knowledge and outstanding work. We will be forever grateful.

Abi Uden, April 2020.

Barney on the beach

Barney, my Dogs Trust rescue ruptured his right cruciate June 2021. After the TPLO repair operation, the orthopaedic surgeon recommended physio with Sarah at Physio Vision, to aid his recovery.

Sarah did not rush Barney, she took the time to gain his trust and confidence, also to get an understanding of how he reacted to things. Barney also had a luxating hip prior to rescuing him, which subluxated, requiring more physio. Sarah took it all in her stride, adapting what physio she did, and showed me how to do physio at home with him. He is now a happy dog, who is back on his paws again.

I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who's pet, be they great or small, that needs help.


Sarah Mackmin Equestrian
Sarah Mackmin ponies

Sarah at Physio-vision has made a real difference to our ponies performance. She plays a major role in keeping our show jumping ponies competition fit and happy. We have been amazed by the results and believe that Sarah has contributed to our ponies ongoing success. Sarah has a caring, knowledgeable and effective approach. We can't recommend her highly enough.

Sue and Sarah Mackmin

Dings in action

Physio vision has been an influential part of both my horse (Dings) and my journey to Grand Prix.

Sarah first looked at Dings as he was setting out at PSG level, with very accurate observation's of how he moved both loose and under saddle, Sarah straight away pin pointed area's of weakness that needed to be worked on and developed.

I use a lot of pole work within my schooling sessions and Sarah was able to give me specific exercises that I could use to help Dings become more gymnastic and supple as well as a series of stretching exercises that we do everyday after training, which enables me to maintain the work Sarah has done between physio sessions. I find this invaluable.

Also due to obvious changes in the horses shape as he progresses to GP, Sarah keeps a close eye on how his saddle is fitting at the time and always keeps shoeing and teeth checks on record.

As well as taking care of my horse, Sarah also takes care of me. She has helped me develop my core strength, balance and straightness to help my position, with a series of stretches and gym ball exercises that focus on my problem area's. It is beneficial to me that Sarah can look at my horse and myself as a complete package.


Harriet and Magic

Image with permission of White Cat Photography

Sarah has been a vital part of our team for over 2 years, I first met Sarah when she was recommended by my vet for a horse that had muscle trauma, Sarah has always been a great support with so much knowledge. She now works with my main horse Magic, over the time Sarah has been treating him we have seen some major changes in his movement and muscle tone, although Magic isn't the easiest of horses to work with Sarah has gained his trust and he now really enjoys his treatments! Magic and I have recently been selected for the Excel Talent programme and i truly believe without Sarah's help Magic wouldn't have been at a high enough standard for this.

Sarah has also helped me massively with my own position.

I can't thank Sarah enough for all she has done for me over the years, without her I wouldn't have been half as successful, she really has been a major part of our team and I don't know what we would do without her!


Tarn and Katie

Sarah has been treating Tarn for several years now, he went from being used for general hacking to intense schooling for the 2014 show season. Sarah’s work on Tarn helped to keep him supple and ensure any sore / key areas were targeted so his performance in the ring was not affected.

Katy Cotgrove

Lulu and owner

After seeking help for my Lulu with a lame front right leg Juliet came to see her.

I found Juliet to be very good with Lulu, (which was the main thing for me), professional, caring and easy going, always happy and friendly.

The help, advice and the manipulation exercises, along with hydrotherapy had Lulu back to health after a few months. In the event of the injury returning or a new injury I will be in touch again.

Dave Coote​


Thank you for your on-going support with Zoran. The treatment and exercises you provided have undoubtedly contributed to a sustained improvement in performance over recent months, and most importantly ensured that he is comfortable and happy in his work

Lisa Turley

Danny the horse and Claire

Physio-Vision have been part of our support team for some time now and have treated both my horse and me. As a member of the GB Junior Prime Squad and then the European Championship team in 2012, it was essential that both of us maintained our athletic form throughout the season and that we were able to withstand the rigours of travelling and competition. Sarah Dalton and her team helped us achieve this. They are professional, knowledgable and reliable and are a pleasure to deal with. I feel confident to have them treat both me and my horse to help us stay free from injury and enable us to perform to the very best of our ability.

Claire Gallimore

GB European Championship Teams 2009, 2010, 2012

Dot jumping

My youngster warmblood 'Dot' was never the easiest to ride on the flat and a very sensitive character but loves being a showjumper. My vet recommended Sarah Dalton and I'm so grateful for this as Sarah worked wonders on Dot. Sarah regularly came out to massage Dot and gave me lots of exercises to do and explained what she was doing clearly enabling me to have a better understanding. Sarah has a lovely way around the horses and certainly won Dot's affection. Thank you Sarah for all your help and work you have done with Dot, he is so much easier on the flat, has relaxed and strengthened up muscularly. I have since recommended Sarah to my showjump trainer and had extremely positive feedback from him! I would only ever have Sarah for my horses.

Laura Russell

Chewie the white german shepherd

Chewie was diagnosed with a pulled shoulder muscle. After an initial period of rest and medication the injury reoccurred as soon as she chased a squirrel. Physio was recommended by our vet and we saw Sarah over a period of 5 months. She was fantastic with Chewie, taking time to explain the benefits of her treatment and what we could do to help her throughout her treatment. Being careful not to push her too fast Chewie had massage and sessions on the aqua treadmill, building up her strength gradually. She is now fully recovered, although she still has exercises to do to help her maintain her flexibilty and strength. She is back chasing squirrels, rabbits, foxes and her brother!

Shirley Wilson

Boozer the black lab

Boozer is a 12 year old Labrador who was referred to Sarah Dalton following the diagnosis of lumbo-sacral disease and a compressed disc of the spine. He already had advanced osteoarthritis and was undoubtedly in a great deal of pain and discomfort.

“I feel that Sarah took a great deal of interest in Boozer from the start. She assessed him at the beginning of each session to establish where the problems were before working to relieve any tension.

Sarah is extremely thorough and competent in her approach to her work. She led Boozer’s rehabilitation and very quickly gained my trust and respect. She coached me to enable me to undertake the exercises and massage with Boozer in between her visits to aid his rehabilitation.

I am in no doubt that Sarah’s interactions, total commitment and professionalism played a huge part in ensuring that Boozer avoided major spinal surgery and gave him the stability and freedom of movement he now enjoys”

Linda Howlett

Billy the horse

The lame but lovely chestnut arab.

I fell in love and bought a lame Arab 3 years ago. I bought him as he was due to be put down. Billy has had many problems, he was bought and sold several times before he was 3 and then I came along. I bought him with a view of him being a pet. Billy did very well in hand as a youngster and has even qualified for the UKIAHS. Unfortunately he has had terrible feet problems and has always been extremely choppy on his left front to the point where he didn't walk or trot properly and always looked lame.

I did the best that I could and had some very beneficial help from my instructor as I began to ride him. However everytime I took him to a show or dressage test the judges would always comment on his stride, how unbalanced he was and that he didn't look comfortable. Sometimes he would get a little better but this would only last a little while and then he would get a lot worse, to the point where I decided there was no point trying to ride him anymore and he could just stay with me for the rest of his years as my friend and a very expensive pet.

My instructor recommended that I try Sarah as a last resort and I AM SO GLAD THAT I DID. Billy is now a different boy, happy, supple, not choppy and always getting placed when I take him to dressage. I never have any comments about him being unbalanced or choppy and everyone puts what a promising horse he is. We would not be where we are without Sarah and my instructor. Sarah has worked miracles and Billy is now doing Novice Level Dressage and learning how to jump. Most of his problems are down to all the in-hand showing and being continuously pulled to the left - that and the fact that his feet were so poorly shaped.

Sarah has given us lots of exercises and every time she comes there is a real improvement. Billy loves his time with Sarah and will stand for hours being pulled and massaged. I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO THANK SARAH FOR WHAT SHE HAS DONE FOR US - BUT I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER AND OFTEN DO. This hopefully will show people that there are always options available when there is someone like Sarah there to help.

Emma Blakeman

Sky jumping over blocks

We were recommended to take our 7 year old German Shepherd bitch Skye to Sarah the physio after she hurt her back leaping out of her bed. The vets told us it was arthritis and she would have to be on painkillers for the rest of her life. She was in such a bad way she couldn't get down the steps into the back garden, which was sad to see as she has always been an active dog.

She has now had 3 sessions of physio and the difference is amazing. After the second session she was running out in the garden, up and down steps and over little jumps. We have been able to reduce the dose of her painkillers by over half and Sarah tells us that after a couple more sessions we will be able to stop the painkillers completely.

Skye has now had a couple more physio sessions with Sarah and she is off the painkillers completely, she is back to how she was before the injury, she is even jumping in and out of the car which is something I never thought I would see again. Our other German Shepherd is so grateful that his playmate is back to full strength (which she needs to be to keep up with him).

If it wasn't for Sarah, Skye would be on painkillers for the rest of her life and not leading the kind of life she deserves.

Once again Thank You

Sue and Pete Lefevre

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