Providing high quality Veterinary Physiotherapy since 2006 and Human Physiotherapy since 2002

Physiotherapy works by assisting in the recovery of musculoskeletal or neurological conditions. It aims to improve the mobility, relieve pain, promote independence and enhance the wellbeing of your pet. As a qualified physiotherapist I utilise current practices to provide up-to date physiotherapy promoting a holistic approach to your pet's condition. If you have had physiotherapy yourself then you will already have a greater understanding of how it works by providing a full assessment and treatment programme developed uniquely for the condition, the same applies to your pet.

On meeting you and your pet I will ask several questions relating to the history of your pet's condition and expectations for treatment. I will undertake a gait and movement assessment, a full palpatory assessment including passive and active movements and any special tests that are required.

Treatment programmes are developed to the individual patient and situation. Frequency of sessions will depend on your pets condition and presentation (if acute or chronic). You will be fully informed as to the expectations with treatment and recovery time expected and also how you may be able to assist your animals recovery with an exercise programme.

Each new patient sessions will take about 1 hour. Follow ups for small animals will take 30-45 minutes and for horses 1 hour.

Physiotherapy session costs will vary depending on location. Please contact Sarah for further information.

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