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Are you having any problems when riding your horse?, have you had any musculoskeletal injuries that may be impacting you as a rider? Would you like to be assessed, treated and given a specific exercise programme to meet your needs?

Riders often have their own muscle assymetries and imbalances, stiffness and compensations that can influence their horses movement under saddle. We all know how weight aids can affect our horses outline, direction and ridden ability. If you have any of the following problems then a rider physiotherapy session can help:

  • Difficulty maintaining or achieving even seat or rein contact
  • Struggling with transitions
  • Preference of one rein
  • Excessive trunk movement
  • Reduced flexibility
  • Reduced strength

Physiotherapy for the rider is aimed at looking at your posture, muscle function and balance to identify areas of weakness to create an appropriate treatment programme. Using various functional tests to assess you as the rider, Sarah will help to identify and explain her findings and how they can be improved, ultimately to help your comfort and improve your riding ability.

Both you and your horse can be assessed at the same time depending on facilities or alternatively appointments can be done within a clinic setting.

Group sessions are also available.

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